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Not only that, but also the purchasing power is no more narrowed in working population due to the world’s economy is recession and meltdown. All emails will be read and may be replied & published on our site. econd, Dell should modify the appearance of its laptop. Dell cuts out the retailer and supplies directly to the customers. PCs are assembled using relatively cheap labor. In Dell, inventory is turns over for an average of every six days, which also keeps a low cost of inventory. Very few partners were willing to go on the record, but many were willing to share their secrets for winning with Dell in distribution. According to a new survey, we will understand the reason why Dell lost the student market. Dell laptop is successful in global market as a result of best understanding of customers’ needs and their direct sell business model. Every product level must develop a marketing plan for achieving its goals as one of the most important outputs of the marketing process. Therefore the customers now have the opportunity to customize their own laptops. Dell laptop belongs to on-line product. It is also intended to remind you that all of the elements of marketing must be coordinated if the overall marketing plan is to be effective and efficient.The assignment is to analyze Dell's current distribution/promotional strategy. Most of young people will “google” the rate of producers or customers’ comments on line before they decide which one to buy. lighter and thinner laptop, which is simplified version of, http://strategic-business-planning.suite101.com/article.cfm/swot_analysis_of_dell_computers. Consumers mind especially in electronics industry people have a strong relation with Japanese products and quality so on brand. Such as: the inventory conversion days need to be reduced to shorten operation cycle and hence reduce the cost. Except for the basic warranty, Dell also offers additional warranty with extra charges. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To increase product awareness as well as sales by persuasive promotional activities. The need of computers is growing in a very rapid speed. How to capture the entire segment of Dell by drawing an action strategy? Deciding to buy a laptop is not an easy decision for the customers, because the consumer is highly involved in a purchase but sees little difference in brands. "This is a good thing," said one partner. For instance, on-line support, free-software download, drivers download, email assistance, troubleshooting and one-year coverage for parts. Dell is occupying big market share now, which means Dell needs to work doubly hard on innovation to differentiate itself from its competitors to be able to continue holding a significant market share. ell well designs and customizes products and services to the requirements of the. 1. The ease of Dell’s distribution channel for large and small consumers alone makes it a very powerful marketing strategy as it sets itself apart from their competitors but also allows Dell to minimise costs to the consumers as a number of costs are reduced, such as logistical costs, advertising, and other mark up costs which would be passed onto the consumer if there was an intermediary in the … Direct distribution is exactly what it sounds like,the manufacturer directly selling to the consumer. Dell's Marketing StrategyAuthor’s Name: ________________________________Institutional Affiliation: ____________________________________Dell's Marketing StrategyDell – Getting Products to MarketsDell Corporation (Dell) is prominently recognized for excellent hardware and high-power machines that are sold in consumer markets worldwide. While Vostro series places in desktop replacement category serving especially government offices, Latitude series appear in ultraportable category in which prides are the most expensive and lightest permitting long business travels with 6 hours of battery life. It is exciting that the development of technological is at a high speed, which gives Dell a huge stage to display advanced technology products to its customers. The labor costs are relatively low than Western labors. As consequence, there will be a big improvement of delivery. What will be the process for a customer to purchase a laptop? DELL works on build to order business model and uses Just in time strategy to distribute its products at optimal prices there by decreasing the inventory cost and delivery time. Dell’s customers can order products directly from the factory and receive their computer often within days. This is a high involvement decision as the laptops are expensive, bought infrequently, and risky. Copyright©2013 – 2019 ChinaAbout.net, About Us | Cookies Notice | Site Map |Privacy Policy |. In IT market, the price difference among brands is getting smaller. 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(Tim Berry & Doug Wilson 2000), Taking advantages from Dell’s direct business model, the latest IT technology is able to be displayed faster on Dell’s computers than the other competitors. Gartner may be predicting a steep decline in PC sales, but the federal government is going to be opening new lines of funding for local and state governments, education, and health care. Dell's Marketing Strategy. This week's assignment is intended to improve your understanding of the importance of both distribution and promotional choices by combining both of those elements into one example.

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