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(I daggered that girl so hard last night, she can’t walk.). Guy 2: Ugh, daggers. Here are some examples. I can hear the daggers grating on the steel. like the no public option and Bush conservative Kagan to the SC. They dashed the daggers to the ground and broke them. Sentence Examples. A decade ago, a cloak-and-dagger novel of mine was roundly panned in the daily Times. Ange laughed when she finally saw how small Richards dagger was. Guy 2: Oof, dagger. 58 sentence examples: 1. If Obama says “I Love you” to the progressives can only mean another dagger is going to be in our backs soon. 2. Guy 1: It might rain today, so abort on golf. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you’re welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. 7. Cloak and Dagger opposed him and he flung himself into Cloak’s portal. As the United States staggers past the third anniversary of its misadventure in Iraq, the dagger is already poised, the myth is already being perpetuated. It’s one of those stores that sells every kind of knife, She put the wheel of Rothe cheese back on the table and moved toward the door, her hand on the hilt of her, Marrissa staggered down the dark empty hallway, clutching a, It did not help that it had been years since he had wielded any weapon other then a small, She finally got a hold of him and pinned him to the ground, and aimed a, This particular knife was her pride and joy, a replica Knight’s parrying, The sword darted out as he’d expected, engaging his, He wanted to run Marcs through with a blade, be it a scimitar, a sword, a dirk, a, But he was also skilled at the bow, the short ax, the dirk, the scythe, the, As he passed one of the men who was attempting to stab Alan with a short, With one step and a hop, he leaped towards the flying monster and stabbed his, She manages to make a perfectly normal question sound like it’s accompanied by a, He kept his right hand outstretched and his left hand on his, One snap later and he was free, climbing upwards and outwards, the sprite’s, All about there menace the plots of the revolutionary, the stones of the mob, the, She took a leather strap and buckled it around my wrist, attaching the, She sighed and stuffed a few essentials into a small drawstring bag, and strapped the sword and, From a few feet back, Will had put away his, Stoek went back into his cabin and came out with a, She knew it was useless to use arrows so she pulled out a, Confusingly, the word obelus was later used for the printer’s character we often call a, He clutched his throat as she reached into her belt and took out a silver, He held it close enough to her throat so that if she moved in any direction she would scrape her neck on the blade of the, Captain Irving had threatened to hurt her, but not with a sword, or a, A dark figure swathed in shadows stood over her, a, The Comte rushed to help her, and as she seemed to be stifling, cut her bodice open with his, The dark man gave an evil grin as he produced a, He had a rifle slung over his right shoulder and a short sword or long, There was a brown leather belt tied around her waist and it had a place for a, It was either that or some boat that had built-in outriggers, each with its own, She got hit in the hip with a beta particle, I then took some betony and cut it with my, The only difference was that one had a bow and, She shoved back the wrap his cowl ended in and found a, Pulling the blade back out of the small eyehole, Nainnam dropped the, Jon held up a short, sturdy club, and Brianna quickly untangled a net and, That is also the reason why its version of the trishul is drastically modified to make it look more like a, Why would I want a photograph of a pillock in a tacky golden skirt holding up some fake, I have a couple of swords at home, as well as a, The incognito of lower class employment is an effective cloak for any, She then fastened her belt around her waist, sheathing her, She sat in her room and was coloring a rather savage drawing of her stabbing her sister over and over again with a, Afar men are known for the long, sharp, double-edged, The fights that killed Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris were short and brutal, Romeo’s part in them reduced to swift and unchivalrous, The dagger slid smoothly down the front of his tunic, each button snapped off easily until only one separated his bare chest from the cold, Apparently they want me to learn how to use a quarterstaff and a, He also had a framed backpack, a utility belt containing tools, a quiver containing 14 arrows, a flint, As soon as he sees her, Shae reaches for a, Recently, a Sikh student in Montreal was forbidden from attending his school if he wore his kirpan, a. One presice strice in vital spot (yes, every living thing has those – even Aliens) with a dagger is enought. How well she tempers her daggers and bayonets!

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