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Worked at CCI since 2012 left due to winning lottery, CCI Corporate – if you’re flexible and patient, it’s a great opportunity, Enjoyed quarterly meetings and networking with other technicians, Certified Cell Phone Repair Technician (Asurion). We work with your current infrastructure setup and adapt to your needs in order to run your in-home servicing team with ease. Take the lead and start inquiring as to what systems would work best for your business. The level of trust between us and our clients is a true testament to the exceptional level of service we provide. Connect With Us – 866-688-7541. One month in while doing training we got 4k upon completing the physical training and i asked about the remainder of my 6k bonus, i was told by the appliance director that it will slowly flow in at $1500 every 125 calls which came to me as a huge disappointment, nevertheless i continued on with them with full intentions of working hard and making money. Our goal is to streamline your technical work force team so you can focus on growing your business. I woke up one morning to a text (A TEXT!!!!!) On top of that, our highly-skilled service experts are certified in the repair of most major brands. So you end up with half the pay you’d get if the metrics were met. What is Custom Communications, Inc. sick leave policy? From home theatre installation and setup to fully customized commercial systems, our team is equipped with over 30 years of knowledge and … Our work force teams keep your subscriber based communications service running smoothly. So, not only did they snatch my job from me (and a lot of other people), but they also deducted $225 in full from one of the last two paychecks I will be getting… a year a half after the fact…. because they failed to pull it in increments when I first started… all within less than two weeks before Christmas. Dedicated. Thanks CCI for everything. Eleviate the burden of benefits administration with our powerful, streamlined bswift platform. Just started running routes with CCI and so far the most impressive thing to me is how well the recruiting team worked on helping me get started with no experience whatsoever. With a focus on providing exceptionally skilled technical teams for a variety of services, our highly adaptable fulfillment system allows us to efficiently meet your unique service contract requirements. Custom Communications has been providing superior writing, editing, graphic design and publishing for our clients since 1989. It’s easy to imagine things getting difficult if weak links develop, but I’ve had nothing to complain of so far. No mileage pay, ton of wear and tear on your car. Guy when he answered his phone. all we can do is ask. And the only thing they shove in your face to keep you to stay. I manage an IT company located in Texas and one of my customers has a branch office located in Sumner, WA. I let it go. Limit 1 Gift per Qualifying Purchase. Your customers require skilled technicians to ensure their point to point or network service works perfectly. Custom Communications is a customer service powerhouse that works every day to extend the reputation our major providers! We will put together the best project team for the job and create a plan that stays within your time frame and budget. John has always been able to take our rough ideas and polish into a clean presentation that keeps pace with the industry. Structured for customer satisfaction with adaptable systems; our focus is expanding your reach and service ability. With us, your company can rely on a team of certified technicians to deliver, install, and service your equipment as well as maintain customer satisfaction. The only care about their little family of friends that work in the office if you are a sub contractor anywhere else in the country they will treat you badly. Recruiters Really Know What They’re Doing.

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