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First, it saves me the effort of actually thinking and coming up with my own words to describe the place. Above is a list of the showtimes during our December visit, when Epcot was open until 9:30pm for the Candlelight Processional and Holiday IllumiNations, instead of the usual 9pm close. But I admit that I didn’t try it out of protest. Some of these may be countries that you will never visit in your life, while others may be ones you have already ventured to and want to revisit. They were already about two-thirds of the way through their meal upon our arrival and then left when we were about half done with ours. Try all three. I especially enjoyed the spaetzle & schnitzel. We ended up spending 2 hours and loved the conversation. Is it still worth the money? The husband is a German Beer fan having spent time in Germany going to the Biergartens while in H.S.!! We loved it at Christmas last year and are excited to experience it again. one of the best themed restaurants at Walt Disney World. Here you’ll find options of a frankfurter, potato dumpling, macaroni and cheese, spatzle, and a red wine sauce (left to right in the picture). Since Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot is a buffet we won’t do our typical review of individual dishes. I am not a drinker. Our first time being placed at a table with other people was a bit awkward, but we discovered that this can be a really fun and interesting part of the whole experience. I knew I enjoyed a good schnitzel anyways, but the spaetzle was new to me. My first trip to Disney World was at age 15 & I have been more times than I can count since! Since Biergarten Restaurant at Epcot is a buffet we won’t do our typical review of individual dishes. The various cold salads probably won’t be a big part of your meal, but the Macaroni Salad was cool, creamy, and refreshing and the Cold Potato Salad was a nice contrast to all of the hot potato and meat dishes that we’ll see momentarily. The Green Beans are prepared to a nice al dente and slathered in butter, salt, and pepper, while the juicy chicken carries delicious lemon and rosemary notes. But once the Christmas decorations go up and the holiday season begins, it is a GREAT choice. Overall, I highly recommend Biergarten, in large part due to its exceptional ambiance, which makes it one of the best themed restaurants at Walt Disney World. We didn’t get to see it, but it’s apparently quite the production. They were both very good desserts, which is saying something for me because I’m not usually a big chocolate fan. This is a huge plus to us, as it allows you to experience more food but also swap out your dish if you decide to live a little, try something new and actually don’t like one of your selections. Now, while good, I wouldn’t say the desserts were overly unique or imaginative. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You feel as though you are there with all your friends from your small village and for just a little while, you’re all family. Add this amazing restaurant to your bucket list! While we usually don’t see too many adults out cutting a rug at Biergarten Restaurant, kids love getting out there and playing. That works better with my touring plan than the long walk back to Germany for a dinner reservation , Elisa, thank you so much for calling and getting the answer to my question! Pair that with the macaroni and cheese and then see if you can slip a new food on the plate for them to try. It’s a bit of a sticker shock at first, especially when doing the Candlelight Processional package, but I feel like you come out with a good value if you eat enough. Instead, I actually made friends! Those items would be the bratwurst, sauerkraut and the carved meats. Plus, you’ve got those pretzel rolls, beer cheese soup or not. It’s also pretty contagious to swing your beer stein back and forth alongside the live musical entertainment which has some interactive moments. . One of the countries within World Showcase at Epcot is Germany. Their chat help told me that they do indeed have the music and entertainment during the lunch service as well as at night! Additionally, there were always empty tables, however, they insisted on crowding everyone into one table. The Wurst Salad is a highlight with thinly shaved sausage slices marinated in more vinegar along with an assortment of vegetables if that’s the direction you want to go in. At the center of the village is a stage where costumed musicians perform traditional Oktoberfest entertainment and where guests can get up and fun fun on the dance floor. I will definitely explore ‘chat help’ in the future, and am looking forward to the Biergarten experience…with music and entertainment! I really wanted to like biergarten. The first one is located just after you finish the cold bar. I had to save room for the carving station! Don’t get me started on Kona. So, now that we know it’s a buffet, how is the food itself? ( Log Out /  I’ve been to WDW and Epcot specifically, many many times. One unique thing at Biergarten Restaurant is it’s entirely a buffet dining experience, which provides flexibility to try lots of different cuisine. My husband and I have dined there numerous times and also being of german descent we love the variety of food they serve. The texture was the problem. Even though you’re inside, you feel like you’re sitting outside on a bench in a small German town while a little German band performs. I know this sounds strange to … I pulled up your Top 20 Best Themed Restaurants and had him read through. Everything was yummy. I decided that I would have what he was having which was a LITER of the highest ABV beer that they served. We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. The White Bean Salad was on the bland side, but the beans were prepared nicely and the Marinated Tomatoes were a little mushy for my tastes, but I appreciated the vinegar and red onion with so many richer dishes coming up. It has communal style dining, which means, unless your party is large, you will likely be dining at a large table with other families & couples. So, no I don’t have tons of pictures. For appetizers, you’ll find a selection of cold items available. Of all the items you can get off the Biergarten Restaurant buffet, what is more German than that, right? Biergarten is a buffet restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase Germany at Walt Disney World that is set in the middle of a Bavarian Village celebrating Oktoberfest year round. The atmosphere is so fun and inviting you’ll want to make new friends. — Disney Dork Tom As far as the kids are concerned, the hot dogs served are even less spiced that the traditional American dogs. As you walk into the main dining area, you’ll find a semicircle dining area that is focused on the stage where the polka band plays. Eat early to experience this. Throw in the party ambiance, and it’s a great pick. Despite the fact that “October” is “literally” in the restaurant’s tagline, “Celebrate Oktoberfest Everyday,”  Biergarten has always “felt” like a winter holiday destination. Indeed, much like the perpetual twilight over San Angel Inn, it’s eternally Oktoberfest here at Biergarten. The Pork Roast with the Sweet Mustard Sauce is my favorite, but one of the joys of the buffet is the opportunity to mix and match as much as you’d like. The mac & cheese is one of the best I have had! Photography remains rough under the heat lamps with the Macaroni and Cheese in the center and a large pot of Spaetzle on the right. In one corner is a tree, in another a full-sized, functioning waterwheel. Instead, you might schedule your reservation for 20 minutes before a show begins so you can enjoy the music while you’re prepping your first plate and then enjoy an encore over dessert. Did you like this article? I’ve heard of lots of diners being weary about this meal, but always leave satisfied, full & happy.

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