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There are plenty of big names that manufacture short-scale bass guitars. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { Ibanez GSRM20 Micro (Budget Pick) Check Amazon Price. And the short-scale bass is not an exception. font-size: 22px; .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { There are exceptional 24 frets on the rosewood fretboard. Because of all these, some players find it easier to play short scale bass guitars. The hardware of the bass is all chrome-plated. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-header .wppc-box-symbol img { It provides a tone similar to high-end Ibanez guitars. The wide-cutaway body is attached at the 18, Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Electric Bass Guitar II – Black, Then, its maple neck features a glossy urethane finish. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-header .wppc-box-symbol img { Then, its mahogany tonewood contributes to excellent sustainability as well as a deep tone. There are three slide switches in between. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The short-scale guitar is a perfect choice for people struggling with the size of the regular bass guitar. Those units lead to subpar sound. There are plenty of big names that manufacture short-scale bass guitars. The 28.6 scale length is perfect for young players who need a bass that travels easy. What works for others may not work for you. color: #fff; The Fender made this bass economy with its 19 medium jumbo frets. border-radius: 5px; .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-verdict-wrapper { Fender Mustang PJ (Best Value) 4. … Ibanez offers something a little different with this bass guitar. Moreover, the model number BS denotes the black sunburst color. This combination provides a balanced tonal profile. The Fender Player Mustang bass packs a lot of features that worth your extra penny. Furthermore, the Hofner uses original Hofner high-output humbucker pickup. Short-Scale Bass Guitars; Fretless Bass Guitars; Left Handed Bass Guitars; Acoustic Guitars. Varied sound Short-scale basses – such as the Mustang we list below here – can be more approachable from a playing point of view, especially from guitarists who wish to take part in the rhythm section for the first time. } font-size: 22px; The first reason is that it is one of the best-selling products available in the market. It is great for people who are looking for an entry-level bass. } The Gretsch G2220 is a trendy guitar for a good reason. Stylish Mustang Offset design width: 30px; Also, it has a high-quality B15 bridge. Any Drawbacks? background: #212121; The body of this affordable bass is made of basswood. It is designed in a way that offers humbucking action while maintaining the single-coil sound. The distance between the nut and bridge is perfect for small hands. Its lighter poplar body features a black satin finish. The shorter the scale of guitar strings, the lower the tension will be. } It includes 0.045-0.105 fat wound strings. Iconic design Here the body is joined at the 15, Bonus Suggestions for the Best Short Scale Bass Guitars, Hofner HCT-SHB-BK-O Shorty Electric Bass Guitar, There are exceptional 24 frets on the rosewood fretboard. The scale length in a regular acoustic or electric guitar is among 24.75” and 25.5”. The strings are under less tension in a short-scale bass. border-radius: 5px; .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-verdict-wrapper { Explore the world of fat frequencies with our expert guide to the best bass guitars in the world today. It offers an excellent final sound. border: none; } Then, the compact fingerboard allows for note-filled and speedy bass lines. Gretsch might not be a familiar name for newbie bassists, but it is quite popular in the guitar community. The Hofner HCT Shorty features a solid one-piece basswood body. It combines a Jazz bass pickup in the bridge and a Precision bass in the neck. The Hofner Shorty provides a modern deep bass sound. .wp-classic-pros-cons { This pickup makes a great combination of Hofner’s historical construction. } Here are more details on this budget option. color: #000; It was also one of the world’s iconic guitars since Paul McCartney rocked the stage in 1961. border-radius: 5px; background: #212121; However, there is a short maple neck, and you can easily access the full neck range. It is one of the Fender’s most enduring bass used by many bassists over the years. It doesn’t have any feedback issues that are found in cheaply-made bass guitars. All these things ensure a flexible and enjoyable playing experience. border-radius: 5px; The blend of Jackson P/J pickup ensures a thick and detailed bass tone in your home studio. The Squier is equipped with Agathis tonewood and basswood like softwood from the southern hemisphere. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { It requires lower string tension for proper intonation. Any Drawbacks? The Gretsch G2220 offers a flawless sound with the 3-way selector toggle switch, volume and tone control. The string doesn’t provide too much resistance to fretting. Affordable price Though it has round-wound strings, you may install the strings flat-wounds. Great for small hands It’s all about personal preference. Then, its maple neck features a glossy urethane finish. } Hofner manufactured this guitar inspired by the 1970s violin bass designs. The Ignition bass features a semi-hollow body along with a 29.9″ scale. All in all, the compact design put comfort and the forefront of the guitar. Some people do like playing bass with a scale length of more than 31”. } The hardwood is somewhat denser than poplar but still being lightweight. Offers a great tone Do you feel your bass is too heavy and big? background: #212121; It offers a warm and flexible tone. Offers a range of bottom with bright accents Especially the newbies and young players prefer playing short scale basses. color: #fff; The best thing you can do is assessing different scale lengths. color: #fff; The choice of right strings in a short scale bass is crucial to get a good result. Thus, it creates smooth and precise phrases. background: #F9F9F9; You need to support the neck; otherwise, it will drop. border: none; }

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