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What a tragic hero with a summonings like “emonic statue of the outer path” and ninjutsu like shinra tensei and chibaku tensei. One of the coolest villianous gang in the entire Naruto series. There were so many elements to his character that made him a real joy to watch.But on the negative side, he is such a horrible guy sometimes. Pain is in the league of itachi and jiraya. Vote up the most fabulous female characters. When people say she’s not useless because of her medical ninjutsu! She was really abused and beaten down but she finds inspiration and tries to be better no matter what others think! The story with Obito and Rin is just really sad, highlights an important message on whether friends or duty should come first.Also his lightning attacks are super sexy; the dog crew he summons are so cool AND HE IS JUST ALL-AROUND HOT! The stuck up person says you need to finish …more. Even though Sasuke does annoy me greatly at times, I have to admit that he’s a really interesting character. She is extremely inspiring in how she resolves to never run from a fight and work hard to become better and still remain kind hearted and pure throughout. By the end of Shippuden, there are hardly any well written characters. He has truly amazing abilities and is kind of immortal, as he couldn’t be killed hut instead SEALED. Obito was so much like Naruto, a knucklehead who had a dream of being respected and aknowledged as the strongest ninja in his village. Which idiot said that Sakura was selfless? Sakura is so useless and weak she keeps saying that she’ll be the one to save her friends but in the end she always gets saved by her friends and she’s just so annoying. And he’s the most adorable anime character I’ve seen! He is cute… And he is kind strong and I mean come on he has a puppy at the beginning of the story who he always kept on his head and in part two that puppy is a dog he can ride, I love pein because he’s not just a character but a symbol of pain. And he did a good job of it! SASORI IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!, and you guys are so wrong saying that he lost from sakura because HE DIDN’T! Top 10 Hot Guys From Naruto Characters. People point out, correctly, that he became a walking asspull. And I love his low key, laid back style but strong and amazing ninja out there feared by many ninjas.. and yeah.. he’s really HOT! Another thing is hinata is very humble and never judges people. 9. Good job, Kishimoto. Jaraiya carries the most heart and honor in the entire series, has great comedic relief, and packs serious power. It’s just that his morals – his believes that went against a normal life scared people no not wanting a world of peace. Jiraiya is the best character in the Naruto Franchise next to Naruto himself, and here’s why: Jiraiya’s goal was to train the savior who would bring about peace to the Shinobi world. SASORI IS THE ONLY REASON I EVEN WATCH NARUTO ANYMORE! There are so many reasons. If you haven’t watched Kakashi’s backstory, please do. If neji would go up against Naruto and sasuke without there extra powers, neji would be victorius. One of the best Naruto villians! He’s cute, funny and yes, he’s out of his mind, but still easily a very likeable character. But he still has good qualities. He has come a long way and we as fans have also grown up with him.Naruto will always have a hold a special place in my heart. Pyromaniacs for the win UN! His philosophy left a lasting impression on Naruto, of all the antagonists he was the closest to being an antihero. His Powers, his abilities, his rinnegan, his sage of the six paths. He could really stand in battle vs the tailed Naruto, even in a body that had lost an amount of power and health. (Why I read all 72 books and the side stories. At first, he appears as a guy you just hate, but when you learn about his tragic background you’ll feel sorry for him. His name is perfect! I will never get over his death (I had tears in my eyes) and he helped naruto become strong! Amazing design (especially in ShippÅ«den), unique concept, cool abilities… one of the best aspects of fanfiction is that it can finally give Kiba the love he deserves as the incredible character he is. I despised how Itachi was given no choice but to do so. Her character arc stands as one of the most touching and inspiring in the whole series. She handles her difficult life like a boss, getting everything done that needs doing and making sure everyone else pulls their weight, too. He realized his mistakes and in part 1 he was a complete badass.

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