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/Producer (�� Q t 4 . Read More . >> Hopefully you can start to see the power of the major scale. /Pattern << /CSp /DeviceRGB Here is the C Major Scale. This chart of a four string, 22 fret bass guitar fretboard is color-coded to help the bassist memorize the fretboard by locating identically pitched notes. << /SMask /None>> This exercise doesn’t have to take up a ton of thought space, but it will absolutely help you play difficult passages with ease and fluidity. >> Next we’re going to create a simple chord sequence. >> >> Multiplier Future Bass Wobbles & Leads (Serum Presets), Refine your technique with 300 bass guitar exercises, Practice tempo, time signature, phrasing, and dynamics, Apply bass fundamentals to playing a groove, Methods for getting comfortable with scales, Hints for developing a complete practice session, Ways to apply the exercises to making great music. /Filter /FlateDecode Using the scale diagram above we can deduce the following: Playing I – VI – IV – V All Over The Neck. The Complete Guide To Music Theory For Bass Players, DO THIS Every Single Day (Master Your Bass Guitar Neck) YT145, One Simple Drill To Learn The 5 String Bass Guitar – YT151, EXPOSED… Top 5 Beginner Bass Myths – YT156, Reggae Bass – 5 Bob Marley Bass Lines YT165, Flatwound vs Roundwound Bass Strings – 5 Tone Tests – Which Sounds Best? Sign up here to get regular updates when new bass lessons are posted. Here it’s bar 4. 8 . The bass player’s job is (usually) to “hold down the bottom end” and provide a “groove”. Perfect eighth notes. There are 7 notes (or degrees) of the scale: The next thing we can do is build a chord off each degree of the scale. r2rdownload team r2r download | Explore your music world! Pop to Rock, County to Folk, Soul to Funk…. even Jazz & Walking Bass – the 7 notes I’m going to share will unlock the secrets to how these styles of music work. Keep making music! 5. Don’t be afraid of all the high notes – it’s just your bass! x��}K�츎����оz?� @?n�”�E�.�Ep’3��� 7���rYrY.Y�����N}t�L�ER”�������������o������Ͽ}�A8�n������|������}� ����C 6h�SD�4A�H� �췟�����?h��������4��CwSB���4>ܾ}��I� �� 3 o n M a c O S X S n o w L e o p a r d Reggae Bass – 5 Bob Marley Bass Lines YT165. ��0 ��8Kΐ���m��J3�6�v�43���~Ik��/#��{oɵrC�a0���Zo�k�0�� << The Major Scale is the backbone of all Western Music and learning it properly will enable you to play and understand 70-80% of music for the bass guitar. There’s not a note from outside the scale – hopefully this will show how powerful and versatile these concepts are. Learn Bass 1 The Method for a New Generation. /F8 8 0 R Next in the video I show how adding triads can be super effective. /F7 7 0 R The counting is written above. A bass guitar is like a guitar, but with only the lowest four strings. The ultimate killer: the absolute pull-your-hair-out intangibility of laying down perfect eighth notes on a bass. 6 0 obj /Parent 3 0 R ZJy=X��?hy���N�sp:|�R/�K=�,^E^������s���F��Fi��sCV���30�ང��>c4���d�/��-m,h/ah�tł�k�C�04�”�� 8���q��%R��’���h���u��`�[1k�,�+�g�����]��9Z��!D��b�� -=xb �+݁�@w����oe?�0���u� @c ��Q���_���6*d��-`w����oe?�7c�����’h%`��B�|bZ(�f�+’v�. /F11 11 0 R the exercise for your brain. Let’s add in a fill. 4 0 obj 1 . S�A�}�Si�n+X’�N�y�I�i��VչP����t�t��:�U�V�B�:�U�tp�.�+�X�N�����5O{䀥ʚG�:�{fp}�U���.�cpca�V庋s�Vr�����A}��[UV$�΅���=s��{;$^��֣G�X��t�ze��on;V�����Z_��:��48��W��ڿ���S��dv����R�4�ҹ_R�uf� R7�{�:�{D�.��ԧ��u��,`U9x5��zouìnRWQz; ������czt��.w9��x+$�h��8xQ�ؕ������+�5�zo�p� /F10 10 0 R Using the C Major Scale next we’re going to add in a simple pass note to connect each chord together. ‘���H�ǯq��k�j��ھ�dH���M_�W�֦��W�����ߜ�r�_��}N? download the pdf here (free! In this bass guitar lesson, I want to strip things back a little and show you why this scale is important and how to use this scale out in the ‘real world’. The fantastic thing is we can then take this chord sequence and play it all over the whole neck. >> Bass Guitar Scales Chords And Arpeggios also features bass … >> This fingerboard diagram will show where to find each chord. /SM 0.02 Bass-finger-exercise.pdf Remember to LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, SHARE THE POST (just click on your […] ) �_�x�`�%�g.t8�+�Ԯ���H�&Ri;]�u����++��c >�y��8�7�q��w�A���&�P�&uC;�ϗ�X5�Cu�וCG4bE,��[�ī~���R��,F��v]�����D����t-�餋0�z�ן�����~���~�bPݱ� �к����_x_�h�C�=����X��[w�zfI�]q��4�+�8����t���!��^z��ˮc�P�����ů�V��cef�.S��8D}��/�mצz�w��̣Zg�ĈYl6���x=fk��m3���D��{�]��0=z��ܾ#k��FN�4�j]����W�R�dz�ц��n]�}����M�����M��B��b��x��u��8�=���:�u�S��Y�L=A�}W�mٳ��3볤��s��E�ߛ�o��d��_Y�;���R�61��M�����0�YaG]�L�g=K����ڿ’��bG9�R~z�z�b����o�k9��o�HH�5�ӑ�vZ�ή�v>�Գ�r�?wҹ�W[�n^�s�7ɭ’���@ե�g�����mC̊y Bass arpeggios are a great resource for both practicing finger exercises as well as learning the fundamental components of chords.. Every practice routine should include some kind of incorporation of finger exercise both for developing dexterity and finger independence as well as understanding chords from a fundamental perspective and how they relate to one another musically. /ExtGState << Musician’s Friend Next we’re going to create our ‘groove’ by lining up to the pattern and play by the drummer’s kick drum. 2 0 obj The perfect place to start experimenting adding fills is at the end of a phrase or sequence. For six string bass guitar, we have all six strings starting on C, up to low B. I personally use standard five string bass … This means we get chords I to VII and we can say we’re in the key of C Major (Hence the Roman Numerals below the notes above). Visit the StudyBass shop to add StudyPacks or become a StudyBass member. 17 0 obj /Annots 18 0 R Literally everything in this lesson has been created from 7 notes! Read More . 1 0 obj More Bass Guitar Lessons: 3 Tricks To Spice Up Your Bass Guitar Playing. Here is the I – VI – IV – V chords sequence. © 2003-2020 Leading Tone Media, LLC. 0 ( C ) 2 0 1 1 N o k i a C o r p o r a t i o n a n d / o r i t s s u b s i d i a r y ( – i e s ))

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