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To this end, Barbatos went to the past and captured Khara and Nikki, who previously had stopped Sir Timothy Hunter from encountering his younger self, and change the future. Barbatos was spawn of the cosmic god known as the World Forger in-order to reign over the Dark Multiverse. Real name: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. [6], In the Dark Multiverse, Barbatos put Batman under the illusion of being an elderly man reading a story about his adventures from his time as Batman to his granddaughter, Janet. Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Barbatos teaches how to decipher what animals speak of, knows of buried treasures, can reconcile disagreements between friends, and knows of past and future events. Barbatos is a Dark God in the Dark Multiverse. Actually, Tim Hunter hid his soul in the first memory sold to Barbatos and woke up just when the present Barbatos was buying Hunter’s memories. More information on the original can be found. Appearance. Unlike the others, it was set to watch over creations that would exist in the future. Barbatos came to murder the World Forger and aimed at taking over the rest of the multiverse. [3] He found the real Hunter eventually, but couldn’t make him sell him a memory, as Tim knew what would happen, and the demon run away, in defeat. The Dark Multiverse was a plane of existence populated by realities born from the nightmares, fears, and darkest desires of the beings of the central multiverse. Bane’s seemingly random nightmares of a bat terrorizing him which he had throughout his childhood in Pena Duro could have been Barbatos. Status There, he would be forced to watch the Forge of Worlds burn bright again, creating new worlds. Demons Batman was transformed into the doorway which allowed Barbatos and his Dark Knights to enter from the Dark Multiverse. Quotations by or about Barbatos (New Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, This character is an adaptation of Barbatos, a character in traditional stories. Main Alias 1 Background 2 Involvement 3 Associated Equipment 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 6 See also 7 External links Batman’s mental projection of Barbatos appears in the Metal Pt. Molly eventually found out about his actions and stopped him. [4] Batman was sent back in time to the dawn of man by Darkseid with the Hyper-Adapter, he was noticed by Barbatos, who saw the similarities in the emblem that they used. [13], Batman Villain(s) This character, team or organization, is or was primarily an enemy of the Batman, or the Batman Family as a whole. The first time that Tim Hunter encountered the demon, he came from the future. Origin Refusing to lose, Barbatos reveals his last resort; using the combined power of the positive energy of his prisoner Over-Monitor, the Anti-Monitor’s brain’s negative energy, and the Batman Who Laughs’ dark energy, he plans to leave nothing but darkness. When the Batman Who Laughs gives him the signal, he begins to roar out his Anti-Music. After that, two siblings tasked with monitoring creation came to be. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Bad Eventually, Barbatos’ lust for destruction led him to kill his master and steadily corrupt the Forge of Worlds. This template will categorize articles that include it into the “Blackhawk Squadron Villains category.”. Hellion He is similar to Robin of the Woods or Jack in the Green. Identity Batman #452 (August, 1990) This Barbatos had a future version of Hunter (known as Sir Timothy Hunter) as a slave, and was manipulating him to make his younger self became the mage that he will one day control. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, He was able to come to Earth at one point, and when he did, the Tribe of Judas worshipped him as a god. Barbatos informed Bruce that the Dark Multiverse had created thousands of worlds built by his fears and he picked the darkest among them to be sent into the Prime Earth, and that they were winning. Base Of Operations [5] The essence of Barbatos was completely overridden by the mage, and he was free to do as he pleased, as the present Barbatos was absolutely no menace, as with all the power that he had, he never did make anything useful with Tim Hunter as a slave. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. Alignment Because he was no longer doing his job, the unstable worlds persisted beyond their time and became part of the Dark Multiverse. Hell Nevertheless, his plans failed when Tim Hunter and Molly showed their true feelings of love in Hell, and everything was destroyed. Along with them, though, came a third being known as the World Forger. Along with them, though, came a third being known as the World Forger. He proceeded to release the Hyper-Adapter which could freely traverse time to pursue Batman throughout all of existence, gain his form, and destroy him. Wishing to have a portal to the normal Multiverse, Barbatos forged the Batman to be in his image. Barbatos [5], While the Dark Knights ravage the world and sabotage the efforts of Earth 0’s defenders against them, Barbatos watches the madness unfold from the summit of Challenger’s Mountain. Greg Capullo He left them in charge of Sir Timothy in the year 2012, and manipulated Araquel into serving him, as his family was in his power. [9], Later, Barbatos returns to Gotham and waits until the Earth gets close to fully sinking into the Dark Multiverse. During Perpetua’s invasion of the multiverse Barbatos was moved under Castle Bat, albiet still chained. The World Forger made its home in the Forge of Worlds, a hidden place inside the sea of possibility that would later be renamed the Dark Multiverse. [5] Barbatos, at one point of time, was hurt by Hawkman’s mace. His agents, by now known as the Court of Owls, planned to infect his body with each of the five heavy metals from the Dark Multiverse. The demon later was the target of the Wild Hunt, with the mage as the lord of the hunt. Barbatos or the Hyper-Adapter is a bat-like cosmic being which is attributed to being the in-universe inspiration behind the Batman identity. Real Name However, Batman fell into a trap and was exposed to the final metal. Dark God Multiverse Barbatos Wikipedia Barbatos DC Database Darkseid had been mortally wounded by Batman and in-turn sent him back in time with his Omega powers. Barbatos Barbatos also known as the Bat-God was a being created by the World Forger to consume the universes which fall back decayed. The Dark Knights (Dark Multiverse)The Batman Who LaughsThe Court of OwlsDoctor Hurt, The Batman Who LaughsThe Court of OwlsDoctor Hurt. While the most stable universes became part of the main Multiverse, The Forger would dispatch its dragon to destroy the unstable worlds so their energy could return to the Forge and be used anew. The first time that Tim Hunter encountered the demon, he came from the future. Barbatos was manipulating the story, so he could finally have the greatest mage of Earth in his control, but again was fooled, this time by the future Tim Hunter who gave his life, redeeming himself, protecting Molly, giving to her and Tim the chance to beat Barbatos, who ended trapped in the hand of a statue until the story world would dissipate in the future.[2]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [2], Eventually Barbatos set his sights on destroying the regular Multiverse. The Books of Magic Vol 2 #5(September, 1994) With his soul inside the future Barbatos and just a husk being the slave of the present Barbatos, Tim used the body of his host to create a new body to himself. Male The Books of Magic Vol 2 #75(August, 2000). [4] With Sholas being free from Ibbit, the connection that kept him in the Fair Lands was severed and returned to the storybook world.

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