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Les noms des biens figurent dans la langue dans laquelle les États parties les ont soumis. 84 Members; 85 Topics, Last Post: Started on ; Feed; Group Settings. Graders mark errors on a scale of 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 error points. There was placed the octahedral columns in the plan ¼. 1.4K likes. This perfect constructive method, played important role in the system of architectural decor of mausoleum. Requests should be sent to the Certification Program Manager. ATA Headquarters must receive registration with payment of $525 at least two weeks before the exam is administered. ATA Arabic Language Division, Alexandria, Virginia. from English into Arabic, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Translating a typical passage and studying a grader’s feedback is helpful preparation for taking the examination. Certification is currently available. Analysis of plan and facade proportion of Arab-Ata allowed establishing presence of exact proportional mechanisms. It fills up the important group in the evolution of mausoleum construction in Central Asia. Procedure Arab-Ata mausoleum is located in the southeast slope of the high triangle shaped hill – tepa. Arrangements for taking a certification exam are made through ATA Headquarters. Arab-Ata Mausoleum has great principle of interest in many aspects. 5. Community See All. Always Open. or. Other Applications : ATA Carnets are not accepted for postal traffic. Education in Alexandria, Virginia. Posts to this group do not require approval from the moderators. Languages in which Carnets should be completed : English – Arabic. Clavier arabe est un clavier en arabe qui vous aide a ecrire et typer facilement l’arabe alphabet sur l’internet.clavier arabe visuel 1,452 people like this. Voting members are entitled to be listed as ATA-certified in the Directory of Translators and Interpreters. Certification is currently available . Student members, who have paid discounted membership dues, must advance to Voting membership by paying the additional $110 in dues. Certification offers qualified and independent evidence to both translator and client that the translator possesses professional competence in a specific language combination. This document describes what the examination is testing for, what the examination consists of, and how it is evaluated. Exclusively interest represented with angular columns of the transitive octahedron to a dome. ATA has established a certification program that allows translators to demonstrate that they meet certain standards of the translation profession. Nations Unies, Situations de Post-Conflit et de Post-Catastrophe, Collection de films et d’enregistrements sonores, Propositions d’inscription à la liste du patrimoine mondial, © UNESCO Centre du patrimoine mondial 1992-2020, Initiative sur le patrimoine d’intérêt religieux, Initiative thématique : astronomie et patrimoine mondial, L’évolution humaine : adaptations, dispersions et développements sociaux (HEADS), La stratégie pour le patrimoine naturel du Centre du patrimoine mondial, Patrimoine mondial et populations autochtones, Patrimoine mondial naturel dans le bassin du Congo, Programme d’éducation des jeunes au patrimoine mondial, Programme des petits états insulaires en développement, Programme des Villes du patrimoine mondial, Programme du patrimoine mondial pour l’architecture de terre (WHEAP), Programme sur le patrimoine mondial et le tourisme durable, Recommandation concernant le paysage urbain historique, Réduire les risques de catastrophes sur les sites du patrimoine mondial. This is the Arabic pronunciation, gender, and phonetics recording of the name ‘Ata (عطا). Am I ready? Subscriptions to this group require approval from the moderators. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Group Information. ATA has established a certification program that allows translators to demonstrate that they meet certain standards of the translation profession. Candidates who receive a Pass on both passages from both graders will receive certification. The first-class architect invited to the small mountain village from some big city-center like Bukhara or Samarkand constructed Arab-Ata mausoleum. Not Now. Candidates who fail the examination may apply for certification exam review. The fee of $525 includes all administrative and grading expenses. ATA Carnets are accepted for transit. Publications Revue du Patrimoine mondial Séries Manuels de référence Carte murale Plus de publications … Fonds Fonds du patrimoine mondial Assistance internationale, More Contacts Plan du site Devenir membre Donnez maintenant, © UNESCO Centre du patrimoine mondial 1992-2020 Mausoleum enclosed in itself one square of room of 5,60 х 5,60 m. External sides 8,0 х 8,70 m. The break of square shape became according to thickening of the main facade, that has entrance niche of three meters of bay, with width 1,05 m. Laying walls have performed by the couple of bricks, divided with wide vertical sutures. Translators who pass the examination are certified by ATA in a specific language pair and direction (from or into English). Candidates will be given further information on the exam administrator and location once they have registered for an exam. Moreover, it is located on the route of the Great Silk Road. See more of ATA Arabic Language Division on Facebook. The same name may exist in other languages with different pronunciations. Wiki is visible to members only. Benefits of Certification To prepare for the exam, candidates are encouraged to take a practice test. For a description of how these professional standards are understood by ATA, please see Introduction to the ATA Certification Examination. Arab-Ata mausoleum is located in the southeast slope of the high triangle shaped hill – tepa. 5 out of 5 stars. In cases where the graders disagree on the outcome, a third grader is asked to grade the passages in question. FICCI India’s Sole National Issuing & Guaranteeing Association (NIGA) for ATA Carnet. Box 1457 Copies of the examination, identified only by code number, are sent to two graders. Sessions du Comité Documents statutaires Décisions du Comité Plus de sessions 44e session (2020) 14e session extraordinaire (2020) 43e session (2019) 42e session (2018), Assemblée générale 23e GA UNESCO, Paris (2021) 22e GA UNESCO, Paris (2019) 21e GA UNESCO, Paris (2017), Le patrimoine mondial La Convention, Texte de la Convention Compendium Orientations L’emblème du patrimoine mondial Les États parties Organisations Consultatives Centre du patrimoine mondial Emplois & Stages Qui fait quoi, La Liste Liste du patrimoine mondial Patrimoine mondial en péril Nouveaux biens inscrits Critères de sélection Listes indicatives Propositions d’inscription, Rapports et suivi État de conservation (SOC) Rapport périodique Questionnaires 2008-2015 Suivi réactif Afrique États arabes Asie & Pacifique Amérique latine et Caraïbes Europe et Amérique du Nord, Partenariats Devenez partenaire Ce que font les partenaires Nos partenaires, Activités Toutes nos activités Devenir volontaire Outils de Groupe.

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