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This would be great to pair with a warm sweater if you prefer to leave your jacket unzipped. Product Tile generated at: Thu Nov 26 05:24:28 GMT 2020. Is it just never enough color in your winter collection? Then Columbia Fast Trek II is your must-buy. Then think about what you need the jacket for: do you want a piece that layers with all your other gear, a jacket that can serve as an outer layer, or a super cozy coat for watching movies on the couch? With the full closed zipper, it’s the perfect shield from the cold breezes. And down jackets suffer from a serious lack of breathability…. Designed with simplicity and perfected with the easy-to-care fabrics, this jacket will help solve your problems. These are super warm. Long story short: owner Yvon Chouinard teamed up with Malden Mills, got the fabric dialed in, and debuted Synchilla fleece in the legendary Snap-T Pullover. Wallet on the right pocket, tissues on the left, and passport on the upright pocket! Fleece fabric is weighed in grams per meters squared (or ounces per yards squared, if you’re American), and the categories below are broken up by that specific metric. Featuring soft materials, this jacket comes with lots of pockets. Some people also like to wear this with nothing but a t-shirt. It’s the tale of Malden Mills, a synthetic fabric manufacturer, who, between ’79 and ‘81, created Polar fleece. This Columbia’s women fleece jacket gives a comfortable feeling even when it’s cold outside (down to 15 degrees). Below you’ll find every element of fleece jackets explored, from the oil-drenched history to best uses for different Backpacker Types. If you need a fleece that works for some high-output activities but can still function as a warm layer on cool days, midweight is your best bet. That’s what this jacket is all about. This jacket is available in different kinds of color-duo. It’s the perfect jacket for the late autumn and early winter. The interchangeability is a win-win solution for all travelers. That said, fleece can wet out completely, and it’s usually pretty soppy and gross when that happens. When it comes to fleece, you need to consider your layers. Before we wrap this up, it’s important to mention the environmental situation presented by fleece. With the history squared away, let’s dive into the synthetic coziness of fleece itself. As types of fleece fabric have progressed, heavyweight is not used as much as it once was, especially in the outdoor crowd. Are you an outdoor junky? Fleece jackets will line the racks, and you can score a very basic fleece for super cheap. You’re just hiking for the day and are on the move. As always, we recommend trying on the jackets to make sure they fit correctly and feel how you want them to. Below you’ll find every element of fleece jackets explored, from the oil-drenched history to best uses for different Backpacker Types. Food can run out, an ankle can twist, and you might get lost. Product Tile generated at: Thu Nov 26 05:34:07 GMT 2020. As you now know, fleece is made from petroleum by way of polyester. Lightweight jackets provide room for more active travelers. This isn’t a deal breaker for most people, but having thumb loops is usually a plus, as you don’t have to wear them. How we love thee, and how we fear thee. But if you’re a monochromatic fan, this could give the final touch you want on your look! Obviously the lighter weight the better, and our recommended fleece jackets reflect that. Lucky for us, Columbia products are always well-stitched. Both of these are in direct relationship to water in terms of how to stay dry from rain and sweat. Please provide your account email address to receive an email to reset your password., The Best Sleeping Pads for Backpacking of 2020, Meet LARQ Bottle Movement: The UV-Purifying, Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, VSSL Gear: Compact, Organized Camp Supplies, Superfeet Insole Holiday Sale: Epic Deals on Green, Orange, Carbon Insoles & More, Meet Beretta Field Pants and ECHO Jacket: Streamlined, Durable, Covert Wilderness Gear, REI Gear Up Get Out Sale 2020: Hand-Picked Products for the Outdoors. Choose the one that will keep you warm during the winter. These are best to be line dried, or hung out to dry somewhere in your home if In 2007 the company went bankrupt, had their assets purchased, and were rebranded into Polartec LLC. Daniel Zweier is Editor-in-Chief of Well, if humans can create miracles — fleece is made from petroleum, and was engineered by the fabric gods of the 1970’s.

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