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2 seconds ago AceMos posted… DC has not lost a death battle since season 5 episode 1 which was batman vs … It actually is, did you see the scan? He went back in time and met Barry for the first time after taking up the Flash mantle. It also weakened the bulks between the zones and would have ended all existence just focusing on trying to destroy knothole: ‪. Extra: Rings According to Sonic Lore can be Used to Build, Nullify Plus Tank Hits and Etc:, Archie Sonic is Considered an Expanded Universe to the Sega Sonic World and has everything it has according to Sonic Universe so it works:, Some Magic Rings do have the ability to increase Durability,, Some Like The Billionth Ring Duplicates, Retains, Maintains and Protects Archie Sonic’s Soul, Consciousness and Creates Magical Barriers and Shields Protecting Him From Any Unnatural Phenomenon and Changes and Will Pull Him Out, Take Him back to Where he was as well as restore him, it will override reality if necessary,,, For Archie Sonic’s Speed in relation to Time, Ian also said that the fact that archie sonic can move faster than time and the fact that game sonic can restore it dosen’t have to make sense lol. – Not only has it never been confirmed that Archie Sonic’s Super forms last as long as he wants them, but the exact opposite is explicitly stated in the Archie Sonic encyclopedia: “These affects do not last forever, however”, and there are several fights proving it. People accuse them of making up a wormhole, which is funny because the idea that Sonic was instead directly blasted away through space is also made up since it’s explicitly said that the black hole was imploding and therefore there shouldn’t be any external force, and it’s never even said that Sonic was blasted away. – No, they didn’t. Even more Responses from Their Q&A; Response, *Wally West VS Archie Sonic Q&A; Summarized + Timestamps* (Spoilers, they show no proof). ^ Confirmation Of Mogul >>> Dimitri Even before The Power Sap. 6) 28:39 – “Sonic has the power to rewrite reality because he’s the author of his own story. Create matchups using characters from different franchises. The Ultimate Annihilator affected Reality and The Walls Between Realities:‬. If there’s no proper evidence or address then the whole thing should be called off and I should be allowed back into the community. Not only does this never happen again, but Sonic is never actually shown rewriting reality in this way. Log in sign up. It’s made very clear that the Zone of Silence is a rather special Zone, and in fact it’s known to “eat”/absorb other Zones, never is it stated that it is actually already universe-sized, and is explicitly a pocket dimension (45:36). (If Those Don’t budge or Don’t Link Up try these and if they all work that’s fine as well),,,, Biography On The Rings And Chaos Emeralds: ‪, Ultimate Annihilator Eggman was Stated to Have Nearly Wiped Out all Creation,,,,,, Ultra Sonic and the contents of a Super Emerald causes not only the Spacetime Continuum But Time Itself To Move Forward,, Super Genesis Wave and by Extension The Chaos Emeralds Can Shape Everything and Has No Warping Limits,,h_860,q_70,strp/sonic_reality_warping_by_strunton_dasm1bd-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3siaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD05NDgiLCJwYXRoIjoiXC9mXC82NmJiOTkzNS00ZWMxLTQ5ZDgtOTA3ZS0wNjE2MzAxZDk0NjZcL2Rhc20xYmQtM2RiZWIxMDQtNDRkYy00YTNmLTgxNmItM2U0YzMzNzg4YWIwLmpwZyIsIndpZHRoIjoiPD0xMDI0In1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0.vlkWiaLsPSwbrVH3DCaObvwykqGmBUnhWNTi4xVrUuc,, It along with the chaos emeralds could phase/rewrite all creation,, Super Sonic (And Megaman) Could Undo Its effects,, God Sigma can drain All the World’s in the Cosmology Of Their Power this includes Unconscious Ones Like NiGHTS,,, Implied to be a Threat to All Creation When Sticks asked Chun Li is She Ready to Help Save it,, Is capable of consuming the very nature of Infinity according to Above Scans he can distribute an innumerable amount of waves and his unity engines to drain several worlds,, Is Affecting An Infinite Amount Of Worlds, Is capable of affecting Every facet of Creation and Can apply it to his Strength And Will Supposedly Transcend All Limitations (He’s Talking about His later Stage Called Sigma-3),, Mammoth Mogul (With Chaos Energy) is Stated to Be Pan Dimensional And So Are The Power Of The Stars (this would apply to the games as well because what he wrote for that part Came from SEGA),,, ^ (Those Scans Above came from Bumbleking Forums But I’m not sure what Happened to That Site although if you look up the Specific Quote and put it on Google you should see a reply wrote by Ian but if you go directly to the Forum, The Forum Itself is not There, Although I luckily had these screenshotted these before it happened), Chaos Energy Infused Mogul Could Destroy Several Multiverses which would Encompass Infinite Realities and Possibilities That would have Higher Planes And Properties (mentioned above) that Would Get It To Outerversal and Up, Base Sonic Survived A Blast Attack from that Mogul,, That Mogul was Stronger Than The Mogul that Sapped Dimitri’s Abilities and Power as Enerjak and was already stronger than him,

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