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29. Dividing 720 by 30 will give us the number of family packs with 30 cookies that he could have purchased instead. F  To find the probability, determine the number of desirable outcomes divided by the number of total possible outcomes. This eliminates choices (B) and (D). 14. Choice (E), 10 inches, must be the correct answer. Choice (C) is the only option that fits. Ethanol, water, mercury, and nitrobenzene are all found in both Figures 1 and 2, so the correct answer is choice (C). The only remaining choice is (E), which also has the correct y-coordinate =  = −1. The base of OAB is 8. Therefore, choice (C) is eliminated and choice (A) is correct. 7. The line to the x-intercept must have the same slope. Scientist 2 states that the physical properties of the solute do not have an effect on freezing point depression. 40. Finally, our least common multiple must have one a and one b. The area of each circle is  × the radius squared, or 3.14 × 4, or 12.56. Choice (H) is the sum of 5 and 13, which is not the correct operation to calculate lengths of a right triangle. E  Substitute (a + b) for a. Here are the answers and explanations to our free ACT math sample test. B  Since we are asked about a heater and a 37°C trial, Figure 1 will be the relevant chart. J  Looking at Figure 2, the 0°C setting is the lowest curve, represented by triangles. 33. The practice test imitates the real conditions present in an official test so students can boost their test-taking skills. Each English test includes 5 passages with 15 questions each, for a total of 75 multiple-choice questions. Choices (A), (B), and (D) are all correctly negative in tone but to an unfairly severe and specific degree. Using Figure 3 (Study 2), therefore, note the range of distances from the epicenter for strong waves: roughly 0 m to 2.3 m. Accordingly, any distance from the epicenter for strong waves between sound intensities of 75 dB and 85 dB can be reasonably expected to have a distance shorter than 2.5 m. 34. While all of answer choices feature Experiment 2 trials conducted at a temperature of 40°C, only Trial 9 is conducted at a similar pH of 3.0. Choice (B) is incorrect because lines 6−7 shows the boy continuing to walk with his companions—no running away here; choice (C) is incorrect because, although lines 10−12 say that unpleasant memories of the storm often filled his thoughts, there is nothing in the passage that describes his reaction to loud noises; choice (D) is incorrect because the passage contains no evidence that the crewmates know about the boy’s feelings about life on the farm. the temperature is about 5°C. = 91 feet. Choice (H) uses 8 for both the base and the height of the triangle. All three are unsupported and do not address the stated need for this sort of resource. 15. 36. To find the height of OAB, draw a line from A that is perpendicular to OB, creating two 30°-60°-90° triangles. If the air changes 4°C in 2 minutes, divide 4 by 2 to get the answer: 2°C/min. Roughly, it appears that  of the square remains. 6. Choices (C) and (D) approximate 55% to 56% of 30 free throws. Use SOHCAHTOA: sin 35° = , so the height of this triangle is 10sin 35°. 20 inches is too big: If the paper table were 20 inches tall on either side, the top of the table would be a line. The precise answer is 292.5 seconds, but the question asked for the nearest second. A  Because the nine circles fit into the square “as shown,” quickly estimate the area that remains to eliminate any answer choices that couldn’t possibly be correct. If you chose (B), you may have taken the means of the stems and leaves separately and added them together. Step 5 can only be reached from having shorter than 25 mm ears in Step 1, eliminating choice (J). 20. Next, find the slope of the line: , or −. When taking an ACT practice test, we suggest using a real bubble sheet, especially for timed sections. Therefore, the fact that naphthalene causes a change in the freezing point of benzene directly contradicts Scientist 1’s viewpoint as stated in choice (A). No problem! Only choice (D) refers to a feature of Bat IV, uropatagium heavily furred, that differs from those of Pipistrellus hesperus found using the above method. If you’re looking for an enhancement of your advanced ACT skills, you will want to take full advantage of our practice questions online. This is not a major flaw in the practice tests; your actual ACT score report will include a “band” around each score. G  Figure 2 demonstrates that viscosity decreased with an increase in temperature, eliminating choices (F) and (H). Starting at Step 1, both bats have ears shorter than 25 mm making Step 5 next. The details regarding how Thorne’s dictionary will explain each term and the analogy to modern attempts to decipher Shakespearean slang support choice (G). While it is true that Gaudi was able to withstand harsh criticisms (choice (A)), he was unable to complete the Sagrada Familia. 27. to reach the 10°C setting, and about 400 min. A  Use the range of sound intensities given in the passage to determine which waveform plot you need to use. Since you want a score of exactly 83, go to the stem-and-leaf plot to see that two of the golfers had a score of 83. Remember that a prime number has only two distinct factors, itself and 1. J  Use the answer choices and Process of Elimination. C  First, convert 2 miles to feet, 2 miles× because height, h, is given in feet in the equation. ○ avoid multiple spelling and grammar mistakes? 39. 23. Choice (F) wrongly assumes the absence of a x8 term. Choice (F) is incorrect because Gaudi began construction in the 1880s and there was “significant funding.” The progress of the 1950s, choice (H) is due to increases in funding and construction picked up in the 1980s because of steady donations to fund that work, choice (J). Using x for , solve for x:. J  To solve for the function, you need to determine the value of m in December. Divide both sides by sin 40°. Choices (F) and (K) are partial answers. Next, if one groomsman takes the first position, how many possible groomsmen are left to take the second position? E  The midpoint of a line is . While the author does agree that a dictionary of slang would be useful to future generations, he does not argue that the project of compiling such a dictionary is the primary goal of modern linguistics as choice (J) states. 36. 28. There is also no evidence in the passage to suggest that Gaudi changed his building’s design (choice (D)) according to surroundings or other people’s desires. C  Pepsin is capable of high activity in the absence of anserine in Trial 4, thus choice (A) cannot be correct. The area is A = (10)(10sin 35°) = 50 sin 35°. A  Trial 3 in Experiment 1 is conducted at a pH of 3.0 and at a temperature of 40°C. 18. Choices (F), (G), and (H) are all the result of incorrectly canceling out terms without factoring. Choice (G) is incorrect because the boy is remembering his past life while he continues to walk through the jungle; choice (H) doesn’t work because the boy meets the captain and sets sail before the captain is killed and the ship is destroyed in the wreck; choice (J) is incorrect because his parents create a home for him (line 36) on the farm, before he goes off to sea. Choice (A) means to predict the future, which is not supported by the passage. The uropatagium overall is not heavily furred, which then leads to Step 7. Choices (F) and (J) are too narrow in scope, failing to explain the first paragraph’s relation to the passage as a whole. Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported CC BY-SA 3.0. 35. This implies a certain hopefulness about the search while acknowledging that there are difficulties yet to be overcome. 6. Choice (J) goes too far, since the author is inclined to be hopeful, not fearful. G  Both species are found at Step 6 in Figure 1. The ACT test is similar in purpose to the SAT. The project was unsuccessful in its search for alien life, making choice (B) incorrect. 47. × (3 !)] In describing groups such as the military as hotbeds of slang, the author is saying that such groups are likely inventors of slang.

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