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Hadn’t discovered it! All that’s left now is to make the return journey to Xenia and hand over the Feather. In and of itself, Birds of a Feather yields the standard XP and some sweet, sweet drachmae. if you’re one of those players who just needs to see these optional objectives to the end. Use your eagle to mark the underwater treasures. Shipwreck of Ajax. Of course, the helmet won’t work and after a while Ajax … Good job! That’s all the Underwater Locations in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! 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Does anyone have any idea where the other is? This is a support quest for A Town in Need, Indeed quest. The Ainigmata Ostraka is on the fort wall. Acquire Golden Feather of Ajax After finishing chapter 6 you will be able to go to the Island Keos and start “Birds of a Feather” which is part of Xenia’s questline. The Drachmae never goes amiss either. If that’s actually done, then I’ve got all 42 locations complete and no trophy. On arriving at the Lighthouse of the Father of Ajax, you’ll find that your waypoint leads you to some large urns. I need key to open some , where is the key? I archived all 42 locations above, but can’t get trophy. You’ll be pointed in the direction of a nearby NPC, who will report that, yet again, some troublesome bandits in the area are behind the precious item’s disappearance. Speaking of priceless treasure, what does the player get when they finally drop of that last treasure at Keos and please Xenia at last? When the salt workers of Alponos needed rallying, and now they certainly did, none was so effective as Ajax the Lesser. | Terms of service Shipwreck Cove. Of course, the helmet won’t work and after a while Ajax will burn alive. Well, lots of XP between the five quests, which is very nice in an experience-hungry title such as this. He has sat through the Harry Potter movies more times than you have, and he doesn’t care if you disagree. TYVM for sharing this information. That’s all the Underwater Locations in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! When I first went to the Submerged Minoan Palace the first time, I was able to get one chest and the other was locked. You’ve deciphered the treasure map, left another grisly pile of bodies for some unfortunate soul to clear up after you (presumably someone does this at some point) and claimed the item Xenia covets. You’ll find that one of them holds the Golden Feather of Ajax! To use this website you must enable JavaScript. There we are, then. Polydektes Lagoon. It wasn’t until I got Poseidon’s trident and was able to explore that I was able to find it. if you want to make it a bit easier you can acquire a legendary spear called: “Poseidon’s Trident” which has the legendary perk “Breathe Underwater”, the said spear can be found on an unnamed island between Samoa and Chios and to the right of Andros but beware as its being guarded by some high level lions. Channel your inner Link and smash … Damn. Wreckage of the Lost Bandit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After all, while some like to complete every optional objective and find every secret just for the sake of 100% completion, others will pick and choose the quests with the best rewards. This unlocks the Child of Poseidon trophy or achievement for your efforts. While he’s an ardent fan of video games, regardless of platform, he specializes in retro games. Thank you for this map. Thank you so much! Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a huge game, and if you’re looking for all the underwater locations around, we’ve got you covered. | Cookie Settings When it comes to gamers and side quests, the most important consideration of all is probably this: what’s in it for the player? Thanks for this! Shipwreck of Ajax second chest location // Video. You’ll then embark on the She Who Controls the Tides quest for Triton’s Shell of the Tides (found in the cave under the water at Chalkidike), followed by the Throw the Dice Quest for Pan’s Flute and Apollo’s Lyre (found in the Cave of Pan in Attika and Apollo’s Temple encampment in Euboea respectively). I got all locations checked and no trophy. She wants to get her hands on the Golden Feather of Ajax, and even has a map that will lead her to it. Here’s where all Loot Treasures and Ancient Tablets can be found. That doesn’t help you find it though when there’s a hidden tunnel leading to it. Submerged Minoan Palace chest. Odyssey’s side quests might not be as elaborate as some of its main quests, but there’s still more to this mission than that. As for the final battle between Ezio and Cesare in Vienna, this was an amazing climax to the game, which certainly made all of the build-up from the game feel worth it! Yep, you’ll have to work a little harder to claim your prize! I had a ton of trouble trying to find the second treasure chest at this location. His heart will always belong to the Sega Genesis. AC Odyssey Birds of A Feather Quest – Golden Feather Location Birds of A Feather treasure map – rumored feather location. We don’t have time for that. The Birds of a Feather quest is over, but you’re not finished with this treasure-hungry pirate yet! I’m not sure why it’s on this list you don’t need it to get the achievement. Should I complete them too? The Ancient Tablet is at the camp, outside at the front. The first thing you’ll want to know is exactly what this quest is, so here’s a quick introduction. Sorry, not Xenia, the quest name is We Are Not Thieves. Go to town using your preferred combat approach, then it’s just a case of taking their drops as usual.

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