Decentralized Governance or Centralized Tyranny?

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4 years ago

Tyranny of the few sold as “Decentralized Governance”

by Jabba-Q, a.k.a “The Coins Prophet”
The DASH Masternodes, a two tier concept by Evan Duffield was a stroke of genius. Masternodes primary function is to carry out the anonymization phase of the Darksend protocol and to validate transactions almost instantly but by adding governance funding (45% to the miners, 45% to the MN operator and 10% for the governance) Evan has created a perpetual, von Neumann like machines that create value out of thin air and, by the virtue of self-replicating, even more masternodes out of DASH your masternodes churn out. OK, in all fairness, “the value,” as new DASH, is not really coming “out of thin air,” rather each DASH represents, as Peter Van Valkenburg wrote about Bitcoin, “a unique answer to a math problem and proof that you solved that problem or else had the unique record of the solution transferred to your control.” Not that chained hashing algorithm, in DASH eco-system called X11 for the proof-of-work, does anything really useful, but let us not nitpick for now.

A Miracle or a Mirage?

DASH guys are boasting Governance (Duffield first wrote about it here) as some sort of a “decentralized” miracle while it’s more of a mirage. Ponder our legacy governance and its charade called “elections” to better understand what we mean by this. In democratic elections, notwithstanding all the power of political parties, money, media, propaganda and manipulation that create a circus-like charade, all citizens over a certain age have a right to vote after all, to vote, that is “to govern” through their elected representatives. DASH has some, seemingly independent, “DASH Nation” so to further simplify things, let us assume that each DASH holder is a member of the DASH nation / community, governed by the glorious Decentralized Governance by the Blockchain. Governance, in democracy — at least in theory — shall be the “Government of the people, by the people and for the people,” as Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States proclaimed in his famed Gettysburg AddressIn DASH governance system, alas, only the plutocracy matters. Unless you have $28,050.00 to fork out for the Masternode (each masternode is required to hold 1,000 DASH in order to be operative), as per price on February 26, 2017, you have absolutely ZERO rights to vote no matter if you hold 1 or 999 DASH. And even with 1,000 DASH, you have no right to vote unless you operate a masternode i.e. lock your DASH for a while. (yeah, I know, it can be sold at any time, DASH “locked in” the masternode, but that’s not the point)
Unless you have the money, your voice is non-existent. You do not even have an illusion the legacy world gives you every once a while with its elections. Moreover, if you had $10,000,000.00 for one hundred (100) masternodes you when the price hit $100.00, one sole person, have 100x more votes than a poor beggar with only $100,000.00 and one (1) meager vote. Plutocracy rules in a merry little world of DASH’s “Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.” Not even the famous 1% (or 0.1%) in the fiat, legacy world have so much power over a single vote like the 1% in the DASH has. There are quite a few individuals controlling well over 100 masternodes / votes. Evan Duffield, has been told, alone controls 200 – 300 MN; Edward Moncada a quiet director of the DASH Foundation controls over 500 – 600 masternodes. It is safe to say that, out of 4,132 active masternodes on March 24, 2017, the key guys, so-called “DASH core” control well over 33% if not more, of all the votes. Moreover, as DASH’s price rises, most of the people do not give a damn about voting, so only about 25% – 40% of the all available votes are being cast. And that’s an optimistic view. Just take a look at the latest payouts / votes (source Eric Sammons’s Dash Vote Tracker) and you’ll see the votes low turnout seven days before the deadline: Most of the proposals came from the “Core” so the “Core” rules it all.
Moncada & Duffield votes combined account for more than 50% of the usual number of the votes cast. “Decentralized” it is not. Do not forget another cute little, grossly undemocratic, feature of the “decentralized governance” by DASH. In the legacy world, if you get 51% of the votes it means you win. Not with the DGBB. Duffield invented “Net vote” idea so you need to get more “YES” than “NO” votes. The total “Net Votes,” which is the total of “Yes” votes minus the total of “No” votes, must exceed 10% of all Masternodes. So if there are 3,955 masternodes, there must be over 395 “Net Votes.” Theoretically, you, a poor “non-core” slob, could submit a proposal and gather, by diligent direct promotion, full 790 “YES” votes. Hell, for the sake of argument make it a full 1,185 “YES” votes, a feast very unlikely to happen. Now, if Duffield and Moncada dislike your proposal they can cast a their cumulative votes, say 800 “NO” votes, and your proposal is DOA, for it now has only 385 “Net Yes” votes. Despite having overwhelming 1,185 “YES” votes (59.69%) and only “NO” 800 against, you have lost. Two guys ruling the DASH Governance have just overridden the popular vote with a click of a mouse. The centralization can not get more centralized than in the DASH’s “decentralized governance by blockchain.”

Corporations are Private Tyrannies Anyway

Kindly please take a minute, two in fact, and listen to Noam Chomsky: There’s so much wrong with the centralized power. Evan Duffield’s genius might be in danger to morph into a nightmarish scenario in which snake oil salesmen like Ryan Taylor, a guy in charge of finance (he submits ALL proposal so they all can appear coming from the “core” even if a friend is doing it) can enrich themselves beyond imagination and “govern” the poor masses of sheep-like investors into the abyss. Speaking of investing abyss, think of the “legendary” Dash-Lamassu ATM integration proposal (the third biggest payout in the history of the DGBB) That proposal, from December 2015, ran for 12 months and received 7,323.12 DASH which has a value, as of February 26, 2017, of $205,413.52!! In fairness to Taylor, it wasn’t him but a very special character, a certain Daniel Diaz, who was in charge of that failed proposal and as such he justifies a special attention and we hope to get back to  him soon. These guys, that control such vast amounts of money the governance creates have no controlling mechanism in place. The merry Diaz is still in charge of the “Business Development” at DASH, despite the fiasco with that Lamassu idiotic proposal. Imagine any normal corporation not firing him? Evan talks about “Wells Fargo” type of service coming out of Evolution, Taylor talks about PayPal 2.0 stuff coming out of DASH and as long as we live in an unfair world ruled by the plutocrats, well, good for them. But do not insult our intelligence by the “Decentralized Governance” mantra while two – three “core” guys can outweigh the votes of hundreds “small” individuals and push their own agenda without any consequences. Not unlike the Wall Street “geniuses” one might say, the guys that get the money for free and do with it what pleases them.

Lamassu is Dead, Long live Lamassu

Governance hides many other little scam opportunities, like for example a proposal “admin-hr-avt-201702“ by Taylor. He wrote in his legendary opaque nonsensical language, when describing the proposal: “We believe by addressing these topics now, we can create a far more effective organization that makes the most use of our limited resources. From creating a more productive recruiting process, to getting new members productive quickly, to ensuring we retain talent without overpaying, to managing our HR risks more effectively, we feel that this project can deliver massive value to our network.” Buried in the massive blah-blah-blah goulash a-la Taylor there are a several cute facts hidden: — 360 DASH or $5,000.00 USD was the value of the proposal at the time he submitted it
— those $5,000.00 he’ll be paying to the contractor some HR firm
— 360 DASH today represent $10,098.00 and the question is, where that “surplus” money, from this or other proposal, goes? We are NOT saying Taylors of DASH governance are skimming from it, but the transparency and decentralization are for sure NOT the key ingredients of the DASH Governance feature and it would be nice of them to stop selling their product as decentralizing value while DASH is moving toward a corporation and acts like a corporation already, with calcified “core” on the business side that sells gibberish and is drunk on all the money the “governance” is giving them. Herein lie dangers for DASH’s and its future, something that needs deeper and further analysis. Evan Duffield, possibly a Benjamin Franklin of crypto, has created a wonderful child that might grow up into a Frankenstein. As long as the price goes up, we are all happy. But how that differentiates from the “happiness” APPL stock rise gave us? In a nutshell: stop selling us snake oil of plutocratic tyranny as decentralized governance. # # # # In the meantime you might wish to read The Veritas Team’s REVIEW OF THE DASH GOVERNANCE SYSTEM, Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement study.
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  • Avatar Grant
    Exactly why I left DASH!
  • Avatar Hans Gruber
    I always felt something is fishy with DASH. Thanks for clarifying this to me. I will steer clear from DASH.
  • Avatar n00bI3Mnot
    I knew they are scammers two years ago: “I searched more and found out DASH HAD A INSTAMINE??? WTF! Does anyone have more info? I came across 6 threads talking about the instamine, how bad was it? I dont want biased replies from DASH bagholders either. Is it true? Was 2million fucking DASH coins, 50% of the damn supply mined in the first 48 hours??!! I want fucking answers, finding this out was like getting punched in the gut. If this coin got instamined at its release, fuck this shit!”
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