David A. Cohen joins the IOTA Foundation

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2 years ago

David A. Cohen, is a Software Entrepreneur who works with CEOs, corporations, and startups to help them design and build world-class decentralized software systems.

Early in his career, David saw the connection between biologically-inspired networks and the future of our energy, transportation, and information networks. David was one of the first to apply Artificial Intelligence concepts such as machine learning and pattern recognition to energy applications. At Silicon Energy, he built the first web-based Distributed Energy Management platform and NOC used to create the first Virtual Power Plant. David then co-founded Infotility, and as CEO pioneered “the Grid Edge” and unlocked a multi-billion dollar SmartGrid market. He also developed the Auto-DR platform — now Open-ADR™ — the industry standard for automated demand response; and GridAgents TM the SmartGrid industry’s first intelligent agent-based software platform. The GridAgents TM platform was deployed at Con Edison’s 3G-System- of-the- Future in Manhattan. Continuing this evolution, David completed the M&A of Infotility into Pacific Controls and as COO, helped launch Galaxy™, the industries first Smart City managed services platform. From there, he became the Chief Strategy Officer for the Car Charging Group, where he assisted in the M&A of Ecotality and the Blink Network ™ to become the largest electric vehicle charging services network in the world. David founded Evolution7 Labs which developed the PowerStation™ Gateway to enable solar microgrids as well as the Energy Mashup Lab, an open source foundation to promote a highly distributed energy system. David is founding member Emeritus of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) which was instrumental in launching the vision and architecture for the SmartGrid industry. David is currently the COO of ZipPower developing the Community System™ to enable smart energy networks for cities. He was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media.

David received his Masters (MSc) in Engineering from the University of Colorado. His Masters Thesis explored novel Artificial Intelligence-based energy control and prediction methods.

Cohen on joining IOTA:

The Internet of Everything (IoE), covering everything from consumer devices to mission critical infrastructure (SmartGrids, Transportation, Finance, Industrial), part of what is known as the 4 th Industrial revolution can bring many societal benefits including a much needed evolution to a more sustainable society covering many areas (manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and transportation). The potential for this highly beneficial future is based on a few simple concepts. The most important concept would be the ability connect the billions of cyber physical systems together into a network of trust. The IOTA Foundation represents a solid foundation to create a collaborative environment for the Internet of Everything, bridging the need for a highly secure system with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to a system that is undergoing rapid change. The IOTA platform is revolutionary in its novel use of the Tangle to solve blockchain-based problems eliminating the sole dependence on cryptocurrency but also adding unique features not seen anywhere else. I am very excited to be involved in the IOTA project, helping to build upon its foundation, and seeing the creative applications that will be built upon the IOTA platform in the near future!

The IOTA Foundation is naturally very excited to have yet another seminal thinker and pioneer in our ranks. We are electrified at the opportunities this opens for the IOTA ecosystem in the realm of Transactive Energy and Smart Grid applications.

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