DAO Token Holders can still get their Money

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4 years ago

by Griff Green

There is well over $10 million (USD at today’s ETH/ETC prices) still unclaimed by DAO Token Holders. After the Hard Fork in July, most of the funds became available for DAO Token Holders, but as the months passed, Millions of dollars worth of ETH, ETC and even DAO tokens were reclaimed from The DAO and have become available to DAO Token Holders. Even if you think you have claimed all of your ETH, it might be worth reading this post to confirm you are not able to retrieve more.
Another classic meme from @etherprophet

The easiest way to collect the funds from the first three contracts WAS to use https://www.myetherwallet.com/#the-dao. They have revamped their site and removed this option, but you can actually run the old site locally so you can still use their awesome UI (works best with Chrome).
1. Download v3.3.7 of MyEtherWallet
2. Click on `dist-v3.3.7.zip`
3. Unzip it and open the folder
4. Double-click `index.html`

In case you are not familiar with this, you need to keep the entire folder in order to run the website, not just `index.html`. Don’t touch or move anything around in the folder.
Once you have it open….
1. Go to The DAO page (add #the-dao to the end of the toolbar address so it looks like: [your computer]/dist-v3.3.7/index.html#the-dao and hit enter to load that page)
2. Upload your private keyfile (JSON file that usually starts with UTC…) and unlock it with you password
3. Click all the big red buttons

(Note: the balance of DAO (at block 1,919,999) will remain even after you have claimed your ETC from the WHG.)

This allows you to run the website locally but you will still connect to the myetherwallet node if you have internet access so everything will work just like you were running MEW before they cleaned up their website.

The MEW team has done a fantastic job making it easy for non-technical users to claim their ETH and ETC. They run solely off of donations, you can send them donations here: 0x7cB57B5A97eAbe94205C07890BE4c1aD31E486A8 ?
What Is There to Claim?

To review, here are the several opportunities DAO Token Holders have to collect funds:

The DAO’s Main Withdraw Contract has almost 1,000,000 ETH still in it. Anyone holding DAO tokens still can claim their ETH from this contract at any time, the ETH in this contract is locked here forever, but many wallets are not going to support transferring DAO tokens forever, for instance Jaxx announced they are discontinuing their support for DAO tokens, and MyEtherWallet requires you run an old version of their website locally for to access their easy-to-use one-stop-shop withdraw interface.

The White Hat’s ETC Withdraw Contract has over 2,000,000 ETC still in it. Anyone that was holding DAO tokens at the time of the Hard Fork that created ETC can claim their ETC from this contract. The White Hats will support this contract until April 15th, 2017; however, MyEtherWallet discontinued support for ETC around January 1, 2017, which will make withdrawing and transferring any ETC much harder after that point.

The DAO’s ExtraBalance Withdrawal Contract has over 120,000 ETH still in it. Support from the Curators for this contract has officially ended, but the funds are still there and if you still need help, the Ethereum community is full of sweet hearts, you will get assistance.

The DAO’s Child DAO Token Holders are also able to claim funds. Most Child DAOs claimed their ETH using this contract but the Child DAOs created by Proposal 20, Proposal 31, Proposal 37, and Proposal 57 need to request their funds from the Curators directly by February 15th, 2017 (we are extending it 2 weeks, inspired by the WHG). Also worthy to note, if you have a Child DAO on the Ethereum Chain, you also have a Child DAO on the ETC Chain which holds an equal amount of ETC that you can claim.

The DAO Token Holders that mistakenly sent their DAO tokens to The DAO itself can also claim their tokens back, so far only 4 people stepped forward to claim their DAO tokens. We will only send the DAO tokens back to the address that sent them to The DAO in the first place, so you may have to contact a third party such as Poloniex or ShapeShift (both of whom have cooperated to return DAO tokens) if they hold the keys to the address that sent the DAO tokens to The DAO. This assistance will end on February 15th, 2017 (we are extending it 2 weeks, inspired by the WHG).

For slightly more technical users, I highly suggest checking out this reddit post by /u/BokkyPooBah which links to all of the Stack Exchange articles explaining how to manually withdraw from each contract.

If you accidentally sent DAO tokens to The DAO or have yet to collect your funds from you Child DAO on either chain, please contact @griff on the The DAO’s Slack or you can message /u/GrifffGreeen on Reddit for help on retrieving your funds.

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