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10 months ago

Sergey Ivancheglo keeps attacking IOTA in what we thought was a display of pure malicious, rancorous hatred he has been displaying on daily basis and, also a sign of his madness. We were wrong.

A warm welcome to Sergey Ivancheglo informed us that he had “co-founded a stealth distributed computing hardware IP company with David Sønstebø back in 2014, which was the precursor for the IOTA project.”

That was the Jinn Labs / JINN, a ternary processor.

Smoke and Mirrors by C-f-B

Ivancheglo uses mostly Twitter for his deranged attacks on IOTA and the IOTA Foundation. His profile states: “Working on Jinn, IOTA, Qubic, Aigarth, and Paracosm Platform now.” He had not delivered a single one of these projects.

Therein lies the truth, hidden in plain sight:

He screams like a petulant child, hysterically claiming this or that but the bottom line is that:
1) he was the main developer of the Jinn ternary chip
2) he did not deliver the said chip without a single word of explanation why.

It seems like Sergey Ivancheglo at best deceived both his partners, investors in JINN and the IF as a whole or, at worst that he had defrauded his partners, the IF and investors in JINN.

All the noise he’s been tirelessly producing serves one and only one purpose: to divert the attention from either:

a) his madness and/or
b) his inability to deliver and/or
c) his deception.

Recall the day before the “Big News” regarding Jinn processor? On February the 1st, 2020 Ivancheglo announces the news that would be announced but the very next day he “notifies” the community that he does not work with Sønstebø anymore:

You do not need Sherlock Holmes’s deductive reasoning to realize that Ivancheglo asked Sønstebø for money, most likely as a requirement for the “news.” So it seems to us that even David Sønstebø was deceived by Sergey Ivancheglo and was kept in dark regarding the true stage of the ternary chip development. (that is: none)

David finally must have sensed a deception by Sergey and refused to give him the money. Sergey had a reason to “withdrew” the news he did not have anyway and started to scream about money (he even uses a different amount every time, it started with 25Ti, ended up being 65Ti and than some) in order to divert the attention from the total fiasco of the cockamamie ternary dream.

The thief screams catch the thief

While David Sønstebø also has butter on his head and is not looked at very favorably by us (he also did not take prior threats and endless BS by CFB seriously enough) it is Sergey Ivancheglo who is hiding behind smoke and mirrors with his idiotic iobas, forks and morks he incessantly babbles about all the time.

He did not deliver. And is now screaming catch the thief while the thievery of gross deception is to be placed squarely on his technological “genius” that failed everyone who trusted it was real.

The king is naked. The genius is a moron. I truly hope he’d prove us wrong and, one day in the future, finally deliver Jinn of his own, Aigarth and/or Paracosm Platform and make the world a better place, free of his deceptive garbage toxic spewing aimed at the project that had created him.

JINN Fiasco Explanation Urgently Needed

And as the last point, nor David nor Sergey have ever disclosed what the fuck was Jinn Labs doing for over six (6) years.

So get a room and fix your own issues over the money, but before doing that tell us how the fuck you dared to take our, the investors’, money and then, after gold-showering us with endless promises, simply go on killing the project without a single word of remorse or explanation?

And if David was not playing Sergey’s game, as a collaborator in the scheme, he is now free to tell us the fucking truth. Moreover, this is his obligation. On the other hand, Sergey is not getting those tokens he claims as “his” from David so he is now also free to finally deliver the “news” he had withdrew, using David as an excuse.

What is the truth?

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