What is REALLY behind PIVX Big Bang?

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3 years ago

What is REALLY behind PIVX Big Bang?

by Jabba-Q, “The Coins Prophet” of the Satoshi Watch

PIVX, “Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a privacy focused, decentralized, open source cryptocurrency run by a global community run by creators, innovators, and technology-enthusiasts” is, as we write this opinion piece on March 20, 2017 at 04:00 AM EST, undergoing a run-up of gargantuan proportions:

  • 68.27% up in the last 7 days
  • 2,541.91% up in the last months
  • 3,265.38% up in the last 3 month

Crypto space has seen many crazy price explosions but this one seems real and sustainable. Why is that? “Honesty is the basic human need,” a wise man once said. We’ve seen & participated in another euphoria like this one — DAO — and while the DAO’s concept was different, the people were pouring into the Slack in order to participate, had and shared gazillion ideas, worked for free day and night and, moreover they forked in over $150M for the hope that we, all of us together, can create a better, decentralized world and its governance that is “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

It was beautiful” and than it got hacked and destroyed. Now PIVX Slack went from 200 people to 800 ++ in a matter of just days, and the DAO Slack euphoria is repeating itself. The people are working 24/7, helping each other, creating crazy graphs, have petitions signed…

But you might ask, why?

Honesty is the Basic Human Need

PIVX is a coin, an improved DASH fork, so  we are not sure it can get easily hacked, for sure not in the same manner as DAO (its primal sin was one line in the ETH Solidity code) but there’s something that stroked us in its similarity: enthusiasm for change and, importantly: a hunger for HONESTY!! DASH, no matter its stellar success as an speculative Ponzi-like bubble asset is mired in instamine scam accusations that would not go away, its “governance” is a thinly veiled plutocratic tyranny, a mere charade we wrote about here; VCASH has been a pure fraud perpetrated by a delusional sociopath; SDC had an implosion and even though their main developer, Ryno Matthee appears to be the most competent, sincere man in the whole crypto world, their transition to some soaps selling platform seemed like a fraud and it horribly tanked.

“How can SDC/PARTICL expect community support when a project was abandoned during its prime? Though I understand the devs need not be concerned about market prices, but what was unethical was them not being open to the supportive community about their plans to abandon this project halfway,” was written on the Bitcoin talk. Full message is here.

The SDC guys are maybe be as honest as the day (is long) but even a whiff of doubt was enough to create a commotion out of their re-branding announcement clusterfuck so is anyone surprised this was the immediate outcome:

No one can know was DAO a con with that line planted, was SDC current implosion an honest mistake or a scam or is PIVX really “honest”or not but the main point, we’ve been tweeting about, was that PIVX really looks and feels like “an honest version” of DASH, i.e. it does not have an instamine scam in its past and does not peddle “governance by the blockhain,” hiding the truth behind that not even all the Amandas of this world could hide, no matter how many times she shrieks on repeating that DASH is the best thing invented since the wheel.

When a former DASH guy, “thedashguy” writes: “Evan Duffield lacks a spine and a moral compass to do the right thing with Dash. Ryan “Babygiraffe” Taylor & Daniel Diaz are wanna-be failed banksters with a selfish end game that influence Evan heavily,” he is maybe overly harsh, but read his article on Steemit and judge for yourself. What “thedashguy” has done with his angry writing reveals the truth: a lack of honesty and transparency SUCKS.

“A Breath of Fresh Air”

“Wow! What a breath of fresh air! A coin without an instamine! Without coinfirm! Without a centralized control! Open and honest! Working on total Anonymity. Totally unlike Dash! Better….much better and they have just begun!” wrote user “Grant” on Satoshi Watch’s PIVX page (here, scroll down) and that is it!!

The people need, crave and are willing to work, invent, invest and fight for the basic human need, that of HONESTY when we deal with each other. This is the current secret of PIVX and their by far biggest asset: the community that still believes in honesty. We can only hope and trust they will not squander it.

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