From Altcoins Trader to PIVX Holder

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3 years ago

by Adam a.k.a. mnmnerd

“For a few years now I have been trading altcoins mostly for fun and I’ve never really held onto any particular coin for more than a week. That was up until a few weeks ago. I happened to notice one particular coin on Bittrex that stuck out to me because it seemed to be doing pretty good and I’d give it a shot. Well I bought up some coins and that was the start of everything. Since then I have traded off all other altcoins and moved everything into PIVX.

Now this article isn’t intended to try and sell you on the next big coin although it is doing quite well. You can look at the performance for yourself, 9th on Bittrex by volume and a price that has more than doubled over the past month. The main reason I set out to write this was to raise awareness of this coin. Before now I didn’t give a care what was behind a coin just so long as it made me a profit. After I discovered the community that exists I decided this was something I wanted to get involved with. These people listen and they want feedback. They want to implement the features that people want and think would make a good coin. They value input and they want to work together with everyone to try and make something new, something different that fills a purpose.

When I’ve traded other coins and moved them around wallets the worst part is waiting around for the confirmations before you can do anything. PIVX has a 60 second block time. I’ll repeat that: 60 second block time. It was astounding the first time I moved coins around how quickly they were received and confirmed. The other great thing is the movement towards implementing the libzerocoin protocol. What that means is anonymity. Their two biggest features are right in the name PIVX, Private Instant Verified Transaction.

When I first saw this coin on Bittrex I had no idea what it was and after some searches it still wasn’t any clearer. This is still a new coin and there isn’t much out there about it. So if you do want to learn more, and I encourage you to, drop by the website and join the community at At the least give their manifesto a quick read so you can see what they’re about”

He published this first on Steemit. Re-published without permission.

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