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  • 27 Feb
    “Yeah yeah woteva” Arguments of Hatred | Ostriches vs. IOTA
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    Fear is a powerful ally of lies. Undisclosed Conflict of Interest by Dr. Neha Narula, a Director of the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at the MIT Media Lab first grabbed my attention when they started their thinly veiled, self-serving attacks on IOTA. What a sickening hornet's nest of hatred, fear & uncanny conflicted researchers and journalists hides on plain sight, behind their actions. I was stunned. Hiding behind a reputable academic institution, the Media Lab people used its name to attack the...

  • 13 Sep
    Intellectual Dishonesty or MIT IOTA “Researchers” & Forbes “Journalist”
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    Quite a Storm Intensifies Our recent article titled, Cryptographic vulnerabilities in IOTA: A Biased Hit Piece, created quite a stir. Even the Bitcoin's High Priest, esteemed presence in our Hall of Fame, Andreas Antonopoulos, reacted uncharacteristically succinctly: Dr. Narula's "responsible disclosure" reads, verbatim: Interest Disclosure: Ethan Heilman is involved in cryptocurrency work with the Paragon Foundation and Commonwealth Crypto Inc. Madars Virza is a Science Advisor at the Zcash company...

  • 12 Jul
    IOTA’s Dominic Schiener on Tech Open Air Berlin
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    TOA (Tech Open Air) Berlin is being held in, well, Berlin, from 11th to 14th of July 2017. Below is Dominic Scheiner's presentation (NOTE: PDF might load for a while on slower connections or, based on your settings, adblocking thingies etc., might not work. If this would be the case, here is a direct link to the Dominic's PDF presentation): [pdf-embedder url="" title="TOA Presentation (1)"]...

  • 09 Jul
    IOTA White Paper in Japanese ( IOTA ホワイトペーパー 日本語版 )
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    [pdf-embedder url="" title="IOTA_Whitepaper in Japanese"]...

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