DDoS attack on Masternode Network

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3 years ago

UdjinM6 an Official Dash Developer, on March 7th, 2017, informed the community about an ongoing DDoS attack:

We have an ongoing attack on masternode network for about 3 hours now. The attack is a mix of SYN flood, UDP flood with empty payload and protocols like sFlow and GRE. So far the only result attacker was able to achieve is that he caused higher CPU and bandwidth usage for most of masternodes which in its turn cased ~100 of masternodes to go down. We believe these masternodes were hosted on extremely low end VPS, like $1/mo, so it’s not that surprising to see some of them down now. We encourage all masternode owners whose nodes were affected to move to a better hardware or upgrade their hosting plan to ensure that your masternode doesn’t fall out of payment queue during such events.

Meanwhile, you can mitigate the attack by following steps in iptables setup part of this guide https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/how-to-set-up-ec2-t1-micro-ubuntu-for-masternode-part-2-3.241/

DASH DDoS Attack

An interesting discussion ensued on the DASH Forums.

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