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DASH Resources (some of many):

Dash Blockchain Explorer (features other coins as well) built their on alternative tech, not related to abe, insight or other existing explorers. So techies, we’re sure you know, the server-side code of these explorers “is powered by DWScript and SQLite databases, and was initially built as a tech demonstrator. The client-side makes use of jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Charts and jqGeoChartdada.”

DASH Masternode Projection / Coin Emission Schedule gets you an idea about, well, DASH’s coin emissions over the years.

DASH on Reddit. Sapienti Sat!

DASH YouTube channel, a place where Amanda now rules with her paid-for DASH propaganda. (we love Amanda; our favorite currency protocol analyst. Host and writer of DASH: Detailed. )

DASH on Facebook (FB, a real stalwart of privacy, never to sell your private data, almost an ideal space to promote “a privacy-centric digital currency”)

DASH project home page, where the sources are many.

DASH Forum, a funny place to dwell from time to time. When cult-members clash with distributors or haters it could be really amusing.


Photo credit: Alex-ru: DASH photo-bank.

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