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  • 29 Mar
    Passionate Defense of SDC / Particl
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    This article was originally left as a comment on the Satoshi’s SDC home page but we decided to give it even a more prominent space, free of charge, given its apparent sincere attempt to defend the deal in question. Hey, I’ve been a Shadowcash holder for some time and have converted my SDCs to PARTs. I feel like I should clarify a couple of things you mentioned here as most of this piece is actually inaccurate then people could make up their mind in a more accurate fashion. I’d like to first address …

  • 26 Mar
    Community Feelings on SDC & Particl
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    (poll source) From Bitcointalk (source) “I have been following this project from the time when it had a small market cap, and the price was comparatively low, around 45K SATS! I had belief in this project and the developers. I remember the times when Ryno used to juggle between his day job and SDC development. Later after the anon coins explosion, this coin gained traction and did well too. The project was going good. Price was good and market sentiments of the community was amazing. I once held a …

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